LHSA Lost and Found

Looking for someone? Have their name, and yours, listed here; however, please let us know when they've been found! Names are sorted by class, whether or not graduation was at LHS. Those displayed in red have been found!

Seeking Please Notify
Alfred, Anne Leslie Strom
Alfred, Bruce Leslie Strom
Alfred, Diane Leslie Strom
Alfred, Frank Leslie Strom
Ashley, Anna Marie (80-81?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Ashley, Danielle (83-85?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Ashley, Eric (79?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Benton, Tammy April Brosseau-Lamont
Blankenships (AL, FL or VA) Charlene Cooper-Ridgway
Borne, Angela (82-85) Dawn Gehman
Brooks, Anthony De Lane Martinez-Miller
Butler, Teresa (79?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Clark, James (83 - ?) Dawn Gehman
Cleary, Joe (89 or 90) Linette Wendricks-Hollandsworth
Corbell, Shelly (60s) Mike Petway
The Fox Family Katie Brunson-O'Keefe
Frazier, Donna Lori Mosier-Drawdy
Hadley, Karen (50s?) Sandy Potter-Sorensen
Harrington, Donna (50s?) Sandy Potter-Sorensen
King, Natasha (90 or 91) Angela Davis-Milliken
Lawrence, Lisa (81-82?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Lee, Bernard Donald E. Winder
Peterson, Jennifer (89 or 90) Linette Wendricks-Hollandsworth
Richardson, Sammy (60-63) Woody Freeman
Rizzo, Jeff (80-81?) Toni Vitch-Ali
Ruby, Joanne (50s?) Sandy Potter-Sorensen
Sperry, Ellie (50s?) Sandy Potter-Sorensen
Springer, Lishka (95-97?) Morgan Lynn
Taylor, Terri Brenda Garrish-Gunter
Todd, Montese (90 or 91) Angela Davis-Milliken
Uhers, Gary Brenda Garrish-Gunter
Walker, Serina (90 or 91) Angela Davis-Milliken
Youtsey, Lynn (58) Norma Lee Roberts-DeBrow
Seeking Please Notify
Austin IV, Charles & Clare (66-67) Vicky Bishop-Lehman
Braskett, Mike (69-?) Debbie Hooten-Ward
Desiato, Gene Vicky Bishop-Lehman
Duncan, Douglas (daughter, Sarah) Gordon Hebert
Kohl, Mike (CA?) Charles Austin IV
Nye, Bill and Nancy (VT?) Charles Austin IV
Patterson, Jim (MP 1971-?) Diana Ybarra-Araiza
Springer, Dave Vicky Bishop-Lehman
Seeking Please Notify
Arnold, Maurice Dean Martinez
Ashby, Dr. Jerry and Molly Christine Elaine Heinrich-Acevedo
Ballentine, Keith Joe Burgess
Barrios, Edgar Joan Byman
Bentley, Carol Dean Martinez
Brei-Crawley, Jo Lanna Polous-Shabloski
Cahill, Beth (72-73) Mike Cunningham
Capella, Ms. (68) Bruce Albert
Colman, Joe and Natalie (DC?) Charles Austin IV
Coyle, Jim Laura Macy
Coyle, Patricia Michelle Turner-Palmateer
Cummins, Charles Joe Burgess
Demko, Nancy (82-83) Della Tweed-Smith
Dobson, Mr. (late 60s) Rick Bavera
Henke, Mary Ann Lanna Polous-Shabloski and Jorge Lau
Hewitt, John Phillip Erick
Hillasted, Pam Laura Macy
Johnson, Wallace Rick Moore
Kopeck, Kathy Amanda Campbell
Ludwig, Mr. (68) Bruce Albert
Marble, Robert Lanna Polous-Shabloski
Mendes, Marilyn Deborah Hooks-Norris
Norman, Nancy Dean Martinez
Olson, Jon (65) Dolores Hartley-Sherman
Rowe, Katie Dean Martinez
Sherrard, Patricia Judy Shellenbarger
Steffensmeier, Sandy Michelle Moore-Wible
Stegall, Patsy Debra McNeil-Clark
White, Eunice Heather Fields-Blodgett
White, James Lanna Polous-Shabloski
Willis, John Dean Martinez
Youngman, Roger Rick Moore

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