LHSA Class Contacts and Websites

Class contacts are those individuals that maintain address databases for your individual groups. They may also have more information regarding class reunions. Please let us know of your class contact or if you'd like to assume the responsibility.

Class Contact(s) Website / Webmaster
1959 Louis Koym  
1960 Mike Bledsoe  
1961 Bobbi Torchia  
1962 Jack Keeling  
1963 Joy Lovell www.smallerbox.com/lajes.html / Mike Fousie
1964 Benny Easter  
1966 Diana Ollis-Cook  
1967 Dale Petersen-Pizzini  
1968 Pamala Burcham-Wilson  
1969 Pamela Lutey-Lovely LHS Class of '69 / Randy Murphy
1970 Laura Rottman-Brewer  
1972 Steve Bihler Class '72 Alumni / Steve Bihler
1973 Vanda de la Torre-Gimpel
Cheri Frye
1974 Debbie Damian-McClure  
1976 Shannon Sheridan  
1977 Larry Bradley  
1978 Thomas Wayde Pittman  
1979 Kirsten Hartzell-Seyer  
1980 Marianna de la Torre-Bowers
Marilia Grant-White
1981 Billie Risinger  
1982 Jerry Reno  
1983 Cynthia Flint-Hobson
Maria Smith-Avila
1986 David Riddell  
1987 Julienne Simon-Sorrell  
1990 Deann Pignotti  
1991 Doris Smith-Dickenson  
1992 Desiree Melendez-Twombly  
1993 Chris Jones  
1995 Cedric Bell-Bray (temporary)  
1998 Bilge Tanyeri  
1999 Desiree Freeman  
2000 Aylin Tanyeri  
2001 Amy Crow  

Please submit additional names and addresses to webmaster@lajeshs.com.

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